Rent 3 ground floor apartments (STUDIOS) 2 up to three people, fully equipped, self-contained, with parking, built in 2008-09. Each has its own outside area, separated from the others, A / C, TV, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. One of them has a private pool for two people. Just 1500 meters from the main port of Gaios, the island’s capital, and 500 meters from the clinic Paxos, overlooking the green view of the island. These rented at reasonable prices, which include financial packages for the months of May, June and September. You have many options in the beautiful and crystal sea waters separately in June. But Paxos is a special destination in many ways. Magnificent unique beaches, exceptional delicacies – as surely you have heard about the lobster – night walks in pedestrian street next to the boats, sunsets and so many more, that if you come, will certainly look forward to relive you will enjoy the days of your stay on Paxos .Paxos is a small island of the Ionian Islands in the Aegean Sea. Located 7 miles south of Corfu, just 8 miles from the coast of Epirus and administratively belongs to the Prefecture of Corfu. The capital of Paxos is Gaios graphic which naturally protected by two small islands Panagia and Agios Nikolaos. The population according to the 2001 census is 2,374 inhabitants and its area of ​​25 322 square kilometers.Paxos characterized by their dense vegetation and mostly famous for their olive groves, dating back hundreds of years ago, and small vineyards. Paxos is an island with many caves and sulfur springs. Since the 1960s, the inhabitants of Paxos dealing with tourism, fishing and olive oil and wine. Olive oil Paxos is very high quality and used in the production of soap and shampoo.